John Rigby’s Storage Warehouse is clean, dry and fully protected by CCTV.

You you can be confident that when you retrieve your possessions they will be in the same condition as when you left them.

Here at John Rigby’s our storage is significantly cheaper than other storage units, starting at £20 per month. We do not allow third party access to our CCTV monitored facility. Only our own staff have right of entry. We control and manage every aspect of our warehouse storage and our offices and retail showroom are situated within the same building.

Personal Storage

Things getting under your feet but you can’t bear to throw them away? Time to reclaim your home now that the children have left? Moving into rented accommodation? Seasonal storage. Looking for a short or long term solution?

Business Storage

Suitable for old paperwork / surplus stock / office equipment.

Packing - John Rigby

Crate Storage

Your possessions are skilfully and carefully packed into your own exclusive storage container, which is then located and logged within our CCTV controlled storage facility. We have customers who store their contents from one month to several years as many have family heirlooms that have real sentimental value. So, if you are looking to find affordable storage then look no further.

Trailer Service – Self Store

We can deliver a trailer containing a wooden storage crate, size 250 cubic ft / 35 sq ft, direct to your door for you to load at your convenience and when ready, we will collect and return the crate with your possessions to our secure warehouse.

What you can’t store with us

  • Toxic, pollutant or contaminated goods
  • Firearms or explosives
  • Radioactive materials
  • Flammable or hazardous goods
  • Living plants or animals
  • Food or perishable goods
  • Cash
  • Illegal or stolen goods
  • Waste

Vehicle Storage Size Estimation

1 car load = 25 sq ft

1 small van load = 50 sq ft

1 x Luton van = 75 sq ft

1 7.5 tonne = 100 sq ft

Property Storage Size Estimation

1 x bedroom = 50 sq ft

2 x bedroom = 100 sq ft

3 x bedroom = 150 sq ft

4 x bedroom = 200 sq ft

Garage Storage Size Estimation

Single Garage = 100 sq ft

2 Car Garage = 150 sq ft

Archive Boxes Storage Size Estimation

50 x boxes = 25 sq ft

100 x boxes = 50 sq ft

150 x boxes = 75 sq ft

200 x boxes = 100 sq ft