Local and Regional Removals

Local and Regional Removals

At John Rigby Removals and Storage we have a real passion to provide quality affordable services to all our customers.

HOME Removals

Please contact our office for a free survey. Our surveyor will meet with you to understand how much requires moving and then advise you on the number of men, schedule, type of vehicle and what specialist packaging materials are required. With this information we can then cost your move to match your requirements at this exciting but often overwhelming period.


Moving your business is a time of change for both your staff and customers. We will work with you to minimise any downtime to your business.


There is no need for you to hire a van when you can benefit from John Rigby Removals and Storage DIY Self-Move service. This convenient and low cost removal option will save you time when you need it most.

We supply a removal vehicle and a fully trained professional mover to advise and protect your items whilst in transit. Also included is the equipment our removal team rely on: barrow, portable wardrobe rails, transit blankets, furniture protectors are all available free of charge to help your move go smoothly.


Packing is a major part of your move. When it comes to the protection of your belongings you have a choice of two options.


John Rigby Removals and Storage offer a full packing service. We can pack your complete house or business, or give you the option of part packing for any items or breakables that you may wish to be packed by professionals. All packing services that are provided as part of your removal package are fully covered in respect of accidental damage. This is why we have insurance and give you the option of liability cover.


If you wish to pack yourself we can supply you with all the packing material you will need.


Our packing materials are specially designed to ensure your effects are packed to the highest standard. We offer a full range of packing boxes of various sizes, together with hanging wardrobe cartons for clothes. Bubble wrap, paper blankets for the protection of polished surfaces and acid free tissue paper for the protection of ornaments. All materials can be purchased from our showroom, or online. or be included as part of your removal package.

So for a reliable, professional and affordable removal contact us today!

Things to consider

What to take

Decide what you want to take early on and make sure we know this before a quotation is provided. Do not put everything into one main room as this makes it difficult for the removal team to work and it will slow them down. If you can, try to remove everything that is not going to your new property before moving day. If you can’t, then just identify them clearly.

Special Items

If you have items that you are particularly concerned about then let us know so that we can make any special arrangements.

The Date

Arrange the removal date as far ahead as possible, but don’t guess. Keep us informed if you think you we may need to react at short notice.

Mains Service

We are not allowed to tamper with mains services. If necessary make arrangements with your gas and/or electricity suppliers in advance. Also inform your telephone, TV and internet service providers.

Deep Freezers

It is advisable to run down stocks as much as possible. Freezers are not designed to be moved loaded. Please ensure that they are completely emptied and the contents packed into boxes. Please note that neither we, nor most insurers, will accept responsibility for any deterioration of the contents.

Carpets and Curtains

We will only take down curtains and take up carpets by special arrangement, but will not fit them at your new property.

Light Fittings

You must remove light fittings before the moving day as we are not qualified to do so.

System Furniture

This type of furniture is not designed to be moved in its assembled form. You should discuss this with us, as there will be a charge for dismantling. When dismantling furniture, make sure you tape the fittings to the underside of the furniture.


Clothes and other light items may be left in drawers, but heavier items such as books, files or tools should be removed and packed separately.

Parking and Access

Please tell us if there are any restrictions at either location. Also inform us if we are likely to face any difficulties getting access. These might include narrow streets, overhanging trees, unmade roads, small doorways, spiral staircases, etc.

Multi-Storey Buildings

Tell us if you are moving to a flat or multi-storey building and whether or not there is a lift (and how big it is). Where possible we recommend that you make arrangements for priority use of the lift for the day.

Spare Key

Sometimes we will arrive at your new property before you do. It would be helpful If you can give the team leader a spare key so we don’t lose any time.

Floor Plan

Draw a floor plan of your new property and give it to the team leader so everything can be put in the correct room. Colour coded labels and clearly marked boxes can also help identify the correct location for items.

Moving Day

It’s a good idea to have a small tool kit to hand. Remember the kettle, etc. You can’t make too many cups of tea or hand round too many biscuits on the day of the move. Remember to turn off water, gas, electricity and take a final meter reading.